Why do you charge $5000. when other’s charge $7500?

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Because, Compassionatek9’s is a one man operation. There are no rent payments or emplowees The dogs are born here and grow up with their parents,
I have their grand parents and great grand parents on the property.
Therapy dog candidates follow their service dog parents to the grocery; almost everyday. They live with me and their dog parents in my house with a huge fenced yard and a dogie door. I have picked the best ...

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Two dogs are ready for new humans!

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We have a white nine month old female Lab.

She is living with a diabetic who has trained her to alert during an episode.

she sleeps with the trained and is very well socialized. We can send a video

if you are interested. There is also a rear old borer collie and lab mix she

is smaller than a Lab and is very affectionate. She would do well with a


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